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Laundry, as you know, haunts me.  It never ends, and it never will until I start wrapping my family in plastic.  It piles up around the house, in dirty heaps or tidy stacks. Given that this is the way my life works, is it any wonder that I think a lot about how to improve my life in dealing with all things laundry?

One way to improve it would be to hire a laundress or send out my laundry.  But I can’t afford that.

Another way to improve things would to have an actual laundry room.  Right now I have a laundry closet.  This is it:

Laundry closet

My washer and dryer are smooshed side to side, leaving only enough room on one side to store a flattened drying rack (approx. 3 inches).  As you can see, laundry baskets are strewn on the floor in front of the machines.  I have one tiny drying rack on the left side of the room, which I am constantly bumping my head into.  Next to that are some ugly open shelves to store all the cleaning/laundering supplies.  I spared you a picture, because they are really to gruesome to immortalize on camera.

So storage is a problem.  Drying is a problem. Space is a problem.  When I need to dry a quilt that just won’t dry in the dang machine (’cause they never seem to completely dry in the machine, do they?), I have to hang it over the banister in the stairwell.  When I need to dry all 5 pairs of BA’s jeans at once (’cause he hates it when I put jeans in the dryer), I have to pull out the collapsible rack and dry them in the hallway.

As you can imagine, these arrangements upset everyone.  First, they invite sticky toddler fingers to pull on nice clean, nearly dry clothes.  Secondly, poor Penny hates the rack, since it wobbles and blocks the path to her favorite room: my bedroom.  And lastly, Dodger hates when I dry things on the banister since it blocks his ability to see ninja assassins coming up the stairs to kill us.

I would also like to store things like this:

Awesome giant box of stain-remover

I had to buy it! It’s 62 boosters (which are amazing at getting out everything C smears on his clothes)! And look:

50% off!!!

How could I not buy it?!?!

The only problem, is where the heck am I going to keep it? I currently have an open bag of these amazing boosters, so I can’t keep them all in the same spot.  If ONLY I had a bigger laundry room……like this one!

New Hot Laundry Room


Do you see? Do you see? There are cabinets to store things in! There is a drying bar above the washer and dryer! There is a sink AND a counter!

In about a month, that lovely room you see above will be mine.  All mine! I cannot wait.  I spend so much time in the laundry closet, that this giant room is going to seem like heaven.

Yeah for upgrades!

(ps Go ahead and judge me for getting this excited about a laundry room, but either you need to remember how much of a mess toddlers make or one day you will see. oh, you will see!)


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Of the many thing motherhood means, it often means time management.

I know, exciting!

But seriously, an hour here, 20 minutes there, can mean the difference between a good day and a no-good dirty rotten one.

Let me give you an example:

In my never-ending quest to turn Baby C (now Toddler C) into a better sleeper, I am constantly obsessing about time:

nap time

bed time

the duration of sleep

wake up times

the time between nap and dinner

the time between dinner and bed

the time it takes to fall asleep

the time left before I lose my mind….

My ideal day with Toddler C consists of an 8 am wake up, 12:30 lunch, followed by a 1:30-3:30 nap, ending with a 7-8pm bedtime.

If things go even slightly off schedule, my whole day seems to go slightly off kilter.

If we get up too early, C tries to sneak in a nap before lunch or simply becomes unbearable with the extremely tired whining.

If we get a nap too early, C won’t go down for a second nap and then becomes unable to hold his head up after 6pm.

If C tries to go to bed at 6pm, he’ll wake up at 9pm thinking he’s just had a great nap (ya!) and try to get up.

If I somehow keep him in bed after he wakes up at 9pm, he’ll wake up at 3 or 4 am feeling completely refreshed and ready to start the day.

If C tries to get up at 3am, I then take him to bed with me, hoping we can sleep until 6am, praying he’ll take 2 naps that day so I can get some dang sleep, and close my eyes.

You can see how things sort of snowball, all stemming from just an hour off schedule.  Just an hour!

Imagine what happens when things get really off schedule.

And people wonder why I look tired all the time!

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For the first time in weeks, there is a lull in the activity level at my house, and thus a drop in my stress level.

Papers are signed.  Various contracts are awaiting reply.  Phone calls and emails are winging their way towards, what seems like, dozens of people.  Information that has been buzzing through the air has dropped its volume to a hum.

But I would be foolish to think that the worst is over.

No, I fully recognize that I am merely at the center of the storm.  I am standing smack dab in the eye of the storm, waiting, preparing.

But I’m going to enjoy it while I can.

I’ve caught up on my chores.  My errands are done.  My to do list is dwindling.

I might….

(dare I say it?)

have free time this week?!?

Here is my plan:

Monday: Eclipse! I am possibly one of the last women left in the country who hasn’t seen it.  I am going to go soak up the cheesy goodness and stare lustily at men (or should I say boys?) in ways that would be embarrassing in daylight.

Tuesday: I think I’m going to squeeze in a massage (pun definitely intended). C and I both have doctor appointments, but I think we can work around it to get me 2 hours of alone time.  Just me and some magic hands.

Wednesday: I doubt I’ll be able to do anything during the day as I always go mano a mano with my little man on Wednesdays.  So after he goes to bed I’m thinking I’m going to do something I’ve been wanting to do for quite a while…Firefly marathon! Yes, I am that much of a nerd.

Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday: I haven’t actually thought this far ahead, mostly because I’m fairly certain the storm won’t hold out that long and I’ll be back to dodging urgent phone calls and frantically faxing forms across town.

If, by some miracle, I do have free time come the second half of the week, I’ll let you know what I choose to do with it.  But really, isn’t three days, each with a little something for me, asking for a lot to begin with?

I am a Mom, after all.

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