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I enjoy cooking.  I honestly do.  Granted, none of the dishes I make are particularly complex, but I enjoy the time I spend making the meal and I think my concoctions usually turn out pretty darn tasty.

Usually Little C agrees.  But for whatever reason, he does not like stew.

I don’t get it! It’s one of my favorite things to make (and eat).  Who doesn’t like a slowly simmered pot of tender beef, delicious carrots, tasty potatoes, savory onions and mushrooms?  No one, that’s who!  Yet, no matter how delicious I make it, even when I up the ante by adding bacon, he just refuses to eat it.

It makes me crazy!  It’s so simple to make, I just can’t give it up.  I love cooking it in my slow-cooker.  It literally takes me only 15 minutes to set-up and voila! dinner!

But I am not about to force-feed my son, so I need to change it up.  Does anyone have any kid-approved slow-cooker meals they would like to share with me? Or you know what? ANY kid-approved recipe would be great.  Seriously, it’s getting dire around here.

Here are my requirements: no seafood.

That’s it.

Help please.

If I eat chicken nuggets or peanut butter and jelly for dinner one more time, I will scream.  Or if I actually cook and lovingly make just one more meal my son won’t eat, I might just set my kitchen on fire and be done with it.

Please, save my kitchen.  Send me a recipe.


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I may have gotten a little over-excited today, or maybe I was just suffering hunger pains from my diet, either way, I ordered a bread-maker.

In my defense, it was on sale and it’s a Cuisinart..and it was a ridiculously good deal….and I love bread….mmmm….bread.

Visions of fresh, steaming bread danced before my eyes as I hit the purchase button. The heady aromas of carrot or zucchini bread seemed to waft directly off the computer screen. What a wonderful mother I would be serving my child bread I baked with my own two hands (and the help of a fancy electrical appliance)! How great would that be?!?!? The answer: so great!

Ahhhh…I can already taste it…

Now that it’s late at night and I’m feeling rather bloated from my chicken and pasta dinner, I’m wondering WHAT IN THE WORLD POSSESSED ME TO BUY A BREAD MAKER?

When did I think I would have time to make bread? And when will I be eating said bread, since I’m allegedly on a low carb diet? Where in the world am I going to store this darn monstrosity?

I am already overloaded with unused or under-used appliances. My beautiful, cherry-apple red counter top mixer is currently collecting dust as it pitifully lays on its side in the back of a cupboard.

so beautiful, so lonely

And, I believe at this point that my sleek, oh-so-fancy immersion mixer has been used…once.

And so I bought a bread-maker to really round out my kitchen. I think we can safely say that now my kitchen is complete.

ooooohhhhhh….the Belgian waffle maker is also on sale? I totally need that!

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My lovely sister and her boyfriend were here yesterday to watch Baby C for a few hours so I could relax or nap.  In reality, I just read my book for half an hour then spent the rest of the time cleaning and cooking.  However, I love cooking, so it was a zen activity for me.

The downside (but ultimately the upside) of last night’s cooking experience was my barren fridge.  Here’s what I had that I knew I needed to use in the next few days:

2/3 leftover rotisserie chicken

1 container of pre-made pesto sauce

1 package of buffalo mozzarella

3 tomatoes

Other than these ingredients, my fridge held very little.  The only other fresh vegetables I had were bell peppers and onions, which, in my opinion, don’t really go with mozzarella.  The only other meat I had was some ground turkey and a lamb shoulder steak.  Again, not the best combos.  So I had to think fast and dive into my freezer.

One of the best things of my nesting nature is to make sure the freezer is always full (sometimes too full).  I am, also, keenly aware that I tend to let fresh veggies go bad before using them, so I stock up on my favorite frozen veggies: peas, corn, broccoli.

Ok, so now we’re getting somewhere! I’ll add broccoli and peas to the mix.  And voila! I have a pasta dish.  The tomatoes and mozzarella make a caprese salad (with some olive oil and dried basil).  I found some garlic toast buried in the back of my freezer and we were in business!

Here’s what I did, in case you want to make my semi-homemade pesto pasta dinner.

Strip and shred the meat from the leftover chicken (removing the skin so we don’t have leftover flavor)

Boil some water for 1lb of penne pasta.

While the water is boiling, heat a large skillet with 2 tbs of extra light virgin olive oil (I chose the extra light so it won’t overwhelm the taste of the pesto later)

Add 1/2 -2/3 cup of frozen peas and 1 and 1/2 or 2 cups of frozen broccoli to the skillet over medium.  occasionally stir, thawing and cooking veggies as they go.

Once the veggies are cooked (about the same time the water should be ready for the pasta), add the shredded chicken to the skillet (and if need be, another tbs of olive oil) and 1 tbs of garlic/parsley salt over top of everything.

As chicken warms, mix in however much of the pesto suits your taste.  I used about 4 tbs.

Drain pasta, return to pot. Pour chicken/veggie mix over pasta. Stir and serve with parmesan cheese.

All in all (including slicing the tomatoes and mozzarella for the caprese salad) this recipe took about 30 minutes.  And it was taaaasty! Yum!

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