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My dogs are foodies

Everyone knows that dogs love food.  In fact, they spend a good part of their day trying to find more food to consume, even after they’ve eaten.  Dogs are incredibly talented at getting into trash cans, on to counters and tables, and sniffing out any scrap of food that may be any where within reach of their little paws.

Now, I believe that not only do my dogs love food, they are foodies.  The are obsessed with food!  They also prefer some types of food over others.  For example, Penny turns her nose up at raw cucumbers, but will gladly eat them drenched in salad dressing or taztiziki sauce (the reason she gets cucumbers is that I won’t eat them).  She also is picky about her dog treats.  Penny prefers treats that smell or taste like meat, and refuses to eat those dry, hard dog treats (like at the vet’s office).

She has also figured out how to make herself look as cute as possible during meal times.  Penny will sit next to me while I am eating and take one of several different tactics.  She will first try nudging my elbow.  This never works, but she does it anyways because she is a very bossy dog.  Penny will then try placing her head in my lap and looking up at me so that the whites of her eyes appear, making them look even larger than they already are.  This is really too cute.  She looks very sad and pitiful.  And true to my role as an over-indulgent pet parent, I only want her to be happy, so I feed her when she looks this way.  Penny’s last tactic, if these others don’t work, is to lie on her side at my feet.  She will glance up with pain in her eyes, and then sadly place her head back on the floor.  She has become very good at feigning starvation.  This is generally too much for me, and I cannot resist.

Dodger on the other hand will eat anything and everything I choose to feed him.  He immediately adopts the patient attitude of sitting nearby, making sure not to look at me, so that I know how humble he is in pursuit.  He will then eat the food so mildly, that I very nearly have to place the food on his tongue.  He may be very naughty in so many other things, but in this he is so good.  At times he will start to lick or make chewing noises when he sees me eating, as we may open our mouths a little when we see some eating an ice cream on a hot day.  So much does he love food, that every morsel that passes over my lips appears to him like ice cream on a hot day.

Dodger loves food so much that he dreams of eating at night.  While he leans against me in his sleep, he will chew.  And when he is chewing, sometimes his tail will wag!  So much does he love food!  It appears he has become a foodie and not just a hungry dog.


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It’s been like breathing under water this last year. There were moments of panic, feeling the air leave my lungs and frantically looking for something to fill me with oxygen, if just for a few moments more. I would grope desperately for this or that, thinking this would be finally be the thing that saved me. At last I had found a way out of this underwater hell. I would finally be able to breath again; the panic would subside and I would find my way to the surface.

But every new idea I grasped would elate me for minutes, maybe days, before dissolving in my fingers. More ideas swirled just beyond my finger tips, glimmering in the water, offering the hope that this next one would lead the way to salvation. Yet, the glimmers proved only to reflected light without light itself; ideas that reflected my desires, without actually meeting them.

It may appear that this last desire, to return to school and become a librarian, is just one more desperate grasp in the dark. Yet that is not the case. This glimmer I reached for and found not an air bubble in my hand, but instead I found my hand bursting through the surface, reaching higher into the air. I found not a few minutes of air, but at last a release into the wide open air. Finally, I find I can breath again.

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