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Tired from the previous two days, well actually exhausted from the previous two days, the hubby and I slept in.  I scrounged for some food amongst the feast I had made hubby order the night before.  I’d again eaten very little, so I was extremely hungry!  I made a little breakfast of leftover rolls and half a hamburger patty.   Yum….

I don’t feel like going into much detail about the day so suffice to say we walked about, shopped, ate, drank, relaxed with friends, and generally enjoyed ourselves.

We spent a little too much time with other people for my taste, as I was hoping for a little one on one time with the hubby since I hadn’t seen him for more than a few minutes in weeks.  That last day in Vegas was long on activities, short on romance, but that seems to be the way of things lately.

I’ll just add it to the tally of romantic dates alone he owes me.  He can start working them off sometime after our son goes to college.  By then he’ll owe full years!


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I apologize for the rather short and terse post last thursday afternoon.  To make up for it, here’s breakdown of my weekend in the first of a few posts.

I dropped off Baby C at my parent’s house, which only took about an hour and a half to drive from LA to OC, meaning I was already running late.  My benevolent father then drove me to the airport after I snuck out of the house before C could cling to me and cry.  This was accomplished by using food as a distraction.  I am not above bribing children with food.

After being dropped off at the airport about an hour and 20 minutes before my flight, I began to breath a slight sigh of relief, despite my somewhat frazzled, single state (that’s right still no husband in sight).  This relief was short-lived as I saw the line for Jet Blue.  WTH?!?!?!  If you’ve ever been to the Long Beach airport, you know that it’s about the size of a postage stamp and typically very easy to navigate.  Lines are short, security is fast, waiting areas are small.  My tension began to rise as I worried about my decision to bring a check-in bag rather than a carry-on.  Trying not to have a panic attack in the airport, I waited in tense silence as I inched ever closer to the bag drop line.  Watching the clock tick minutes past, I had only a five minute window to drop my bag when finally it was my turn.  And when my bag weighed a full 3 lbs under the 50 lb cutoff, I actually did a little dance of joy!  Woo hoo!

Still, I was running late.  I had to get through security, hopefully get a bite to eat as it was now 7:30pm and I’d had no dinner, before stepping on the plane.  Again, I hit a snag.  Security took too long, so food was out of the question.  Well, maybe I could at least get a drink.  Nope, the tiny bar (I’ve seen larger bars in friend’s family rooms) was over-run by an amateur soccer team, and I mean amateur in every sense of the word.  Well, at least I could get a drink on the plane.

A few more minutes tick by and we’re on the plane.  The amateur soccer team is harassing the flight attendants.  As we’re taxing down the runway, I hear one of the flight attendants threaten to go back to the gate.  At that I felt a very strong desire to start throwing things.  Thankfully some of the other passengers also heard this and were none too happy.  I guess the boys finally realized their behavior is somewhat inappropriate and shut up.  Thank goodness!

Oh, did I mention that my flight was alcohol free?

At least it was only 50 minutes.

Upon landing a friend was waiting for me at the airport in Vegas, we grabbed a taxi and headed for the Bellagio.  I checked in, grabbed my bag and my friend and headed to the room (Still no husband).  We quickly changed, well not so quickly.  I tried on three rather trendy outfits before opting for a more classic look of black skirt, black knee-high boots, grey “luxe” shirt with a necklace pattern and rhinestones.  At least I’d gotten my hair done that day so I didn’t have to worry about that!  Whew!

We finally started our night around 11pm.  I was excited!  Friends, alcohol, music, alcohol, dancing, alcohol.   In the course of the night I perhaps got a little over excited about the alcohol since I’d not had dinner.  Here are some of the highlights, in roughly chronological order.

Our waitress at the Bellagio lakeside bar was surly and slow.  To compensate for this, I began ordering two Kettle and tonics at a time.  I also tried to talk other members of my group to do the same.  I only convinced one of them, another was already pretty tipsy, and the third wanted to go to bed (and he mocked me for ordering two!).

After a certain person went to bed, we decided to go to head out of the Bellagio.  But not having been to Vegas recently, none of us knew where to go and also being slightly drunk at this point we were easily talked into going to a club that offered $20 all you can drink well-drinks for ladies!  Great!  What we need at this point in the evening is more alcohol!  And a club that is offering such a sweet deal would definitely be the place to go!

Oh, but it was not.  I wanted to leave after we got a our first drink.  I could not convince the other two girls that we should do this.  We were all summarily punished for this.

We were harassed by, well, everyone.

And then we met the Canadians.  Although they were not wearing anything with either Maple leaves or Canadian flags, I was able to properly identify them as our Northern neighbors after hearing a few of them use those long, tell-tale Os.  My friend then apologized to the Canadians for her racist, profiling drunk friend for calling them Canadians.  That’s right, racist.  However, the Canadians happily informed her that I was actually correct and then proceeded to talk about how great Canada was for the next 2o minutes.  I also informed one of them that he looked like my favorite handy man Mike Holmes.

The three of us then argued about bachelorette parties, trips abroad, whether or not I was racist towards Canadians (we decided I actually wasn’t racist).  We then left the casino “early” for bed.  There is some debate about what time that actually was, ranging from 3:30 to 5am.

Still no husband in sight, one of my friends stayed with me in my otherwise empty room.  But apparently wanted to punish me for allowing her to be my roommate for the night by not allowing me to eat at whatever time we got home, despite the fact I still hadn’t eaten since lunch.

Vodka for dinner is never a good idea.

Needless to say, this made for a very long day/night two.  Part two tomorrow.

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Like you, my dear reader, I enjoy TV.  I have my favorite shows.  I look forward to seeing my favorite characters as if they were characters in my own life.  I set my DVR faithfully.  My family enjoys discussing our favorites together.  They seem to be the dialogue that is always running in the back of our lives.  When there is nothing else to say, there is always TV to talk about.  It’s the language that we all speak in this day and age.  And like you, dear reader, I have found the silence deafening.

So here are some ways to enjoy the writer’s strike without resorting to making your own TV shows:

1. Catch up on series you’ve missed or never seen.  For example, my husband I use Netflix regularly.  This lovely service offers not only movies and documentaries, but TV series.  So we’ve been taking advantage of this service and watching series we’ve never seen before, like Weeds.  Prior to this last year we never had movie channels so we always missed those original HBO or Showtime series.  But this is a great way to make the most of our free TV time!  Weeds is now one of my favorite shows and I got to watch all 3 seasons in a matter of weeks, instead of years! Freaking awesome!

2. Stop watching TV and start watching movies.  How many amazing movies are there that we’ve never seen?  Think of all those Oscar nominated movies for the last 60 years that you’ve never heard of, let alone watched.  Now is the chance to become the impressive movie buff you’ve always wanted to be!  TCM runs a month of Oscar nominated movies in January/February.  Not only do they show the movie, the host of that movie fills you in on what nominations it received, actors stories, and film background, providing you with everything you wanted to know but never did.

3. Don’t watch anything at all!  Crazy, I know, but what better time to pick up the half finished book you’ve been putting off (you know the one I mean, my reader).  This is the perfect opportunity to find new genres or authors that might hold your literary interest well into the days that new TV comes on!

4. Find a hobby!  Personally, I’ve always enjoyed arts and crafts.  So I’ve been using this time to finish some old sewing projects I started.  While this may not sound super glamorous, it keeps my fingers busy and my attention focused.  I still put the TV or music on in the background while I sew, but suddenly, I don’t really care what’s on.

5. Play a board game!  Lately, this has become the new obsession in my group of friends and my family.  Our communal favorite is Apples to Apples.  We’ve played this on Christmas Day with family (including grandparents), at our New Year’s Eve party with friends, at the end of book club, and on many, many late nights.  It’s a different game every time depending on who you play with.  But if that’s not your cup of tea, there are always the classics, like Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit (which now has a DVD update).  Or there are always new games coming out like Catch Phrase and In a Pickle, which I’ve heard are both quite entertaining.  It’s difficult to play these games just mano y mano, so this brings me to my next point…

6. Get together with friends!  It doesn’t matter what night it is!  We’re adults!  No one tells us our bedtimes!  I recently heard an alarming statistic that Americans today have fewer intimate friends than at any other point in history.  I think a large part of this has to do with the endless amount of entertainment constantly surrounding us, particularly TV.  Bored? Turn on the TV. Nothing on? Change to one of the 600 other channels you have available!  Nothing on any of those?  Flip open your laptop and read about anything that tickles your fancy.  Or play a game against strangers you never even speak to.  With all these choices it’s no wonder that so many people would rather isolate themselves in the safe world of technology and television than to venture out to deal with actual people, who may actually affect their lives.  So my suggestion is this: get together with friends for dinner or drinks.  You don’t have to go out and spend money.  Have them over to your house for cheap, comforting casseroles and inexpensive wines or beers.  Linger over dinner, enjoy good conversation, play board games late into the night or just debate who’s football team looks better for next season.

My point is, if there’s nothing new on anyways, why waste time watching the junk they’re filling the time slots with?  Find something better to do!  Hey, you could always start a blog!

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My sister has a friend who is me. I know that sounds odd, but she is. She is the younger, shorter version of me. Same goals, same dreams, same faults, same virtues, same propensity for getting our heart crushed. And I can see all the steps laid out before her. I know how she feels about the people in her life, both past and present, because I felt that once. I know mistakes she wants to make, because she can’t help but make them, just as I did. I want to help her, stop her, save her, but should I? or better yet, can I?

I was talking to her last night and my sister looked over and said, you guys are the same person. We were discussing her becoming friends with her ex-boyfriend and I scoffed at her “we’re just friends” speech she was giving me. I scoffed because, as my sister said, I knew how she was feeling, because I had felt that way. I knew what she wanted to do and what she was going to do, because I had done it.

It’s strange to find such a strong kinship with a young woman I am unrelated to, since I have two sisters. I share many things in common with my sisters, but in matters of the heart, they have always been very different from me. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m the oldest, as is Kristina, and we must blaze our own trail. We have no one to shine a light on the direction we should go or the trials we’ll have to face if we chose one path or another. We also are full of the ideals of youth far beyond youth, because we are the first born and no one has taught us that these ideals cannot be. I still hold on to mine, in some ways, though not as fervently and with much greater cynicism than I once did. But these ideals still sleep in my chest, ready to awaken at any time. Kristina’s are still awake all the time and constantly moving.

Because I know her and I know me, I want to protect her from the trials ahead. I want to be the big sister to her as I was to my sisters. I want to show her the cliffs before she goes over them and just where the hidden bridges are to higher, safer places. I want to shelter her from the pain that I suffered. But if I do that I know I will be doing her a great disservice. If she is me, she’ll find a way to experience the pain one way or another, or rather the pain will find her. She has to learn on her own how to navigate the rocky edges of the world, or one day she might fall and be unprepared to climb her way back up.

I suppose in the end, I just wish her luck and pray that maybe she isn’t me after all. Maybe her path is different. And hopefully her path is better.

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