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Being the intelligent person I am, I scheduled a massage for myself and a friend Friday morning, despite the fact I knew I’d want to go out the night before.  Perhaps I didn’t anticipate just how excited I was to get a mommy’s night off. I was very very excited, and Friday morning, that excitement had turned into pain.

I peeled my eyes open at 9:30am, knowing I needed to get dressed and ready for my 10:30 spa appointment.  I lay there for quite a while, trying to muster the strength to get out of bed and into the shower.  Nausea overcame me.  Ohhhhh no.  Well, I didn’t have time to order breakfast anyways, so I was just going to have to survive until after my massage.

Out of the shower and down to the lobby, I must have looked a sight.  No makeup, dark circles, wet hair plastered to my head, a tunic sweater thrown over my jeans.  I don’t even remember what shoes I was wearing.

Focusing on walking, I made it to the spa.  My birthday girl was waiting for me, looking well rested and perky.  Grrrr!  I pondered just telling the spa attendant to give her whatever she wanted before making a bee-line back to my room, but I hung in there.  The nausea was now coming in waves.  No time for chit chat, I just needed to focus on one task at a time.  Get my locker.  Change into robe.  Walk to waiting room.  Make sure the birthday girl had everything she needed.  Follow attendant into inner sanctum of the spa.  I did not pay attention to how I got to the inner sanctum, which made leaving interesting.

A quick bathroom trip and I was a little less green around the gills.  At least I’d be able to survive the massage.  It was extremely relaxing, but did nothing for my hangover.  Meeting up with the birthday girl post massage, I quickly paid it all off and headed back.  I was relieved she’d enjoyed her massage even if I’d been terrible company in the little time we’d spent together in various waiting rooms.

I crawled back into bed minutes after the spa released me.  I fumbled with the phone, begging someone anyone at the front desk to bring me Dramamine.  I finally ordered a sandwich as well, having not eaten in nearly 24 hours.

Things began to improve dramatically once both of these items arrived, though the bell man who dropped off the Dramamine looked at me a little warily (in case you didn’t know, Dramamine is an awesome hangover remedy.  It combats nausea and dizziness, while making you sleepy so you can usually nap off any remaining hangover side effects).  I ate about a quarter of my sandwich, a handful of fries, and went back to bed.

Around 2 pm I started to feel noticeably better and began getting ready for the wedding and reception to come.  I actually made it to the wedding on time, fully dressed and made up.  I decided to skip the party bus following the ceremony in favor of a nap and met everyone up at the reception.

To my joy, my husband finally joined us at the reception just after it started.  And though I was still a little shaky, a few bloody marys and a few appetizers made the rest of the night pretty darn good.


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I’m writing to wish you, my loyal reader, a Happy New Year! It’s a little after 7 in the morning and I’m more than a little hung over (thus why I’m awake so early). This is a common pattern for me, one that my husband hates, has always hated, will always hate. Since when I wake up, usually between 6 and 8, I’m not only hung over, I’m also starving. So I spend the first hour or two just trying to get my eyes to focus.  The next hour is spent slowly feeling around my body, not necessarily with my hands, but with my mind.  I start at the top and work my way down, usually because my head is throbbing and cannot be ignored, nor can I begin any where else.  Next my eyes, dehydrated, itchy, contacts smudgy.  Moving down to my mouth, which despite brushing teeth usually just hours waking up feels as though I couldn’t pick a toothbrush out of a lineup!  However, today I am happy as there is nothing sore to be found.  No bitten cheeks, tongues, or lips; my jaw isn’t tight from clenching and teeth aren’t aching.

Next I move on to my stomach, which is usually where I find the next problem.  At this point I may spend another hour just focusing all my energy on keeping my stomach from doing backflips, the cha cha, twister, or whatever else it does on this early mornings.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t (leading to several hours spent traveling between the bed and the bathroom).  But today I am lucky and my stomach is merely informing me that I need some food, desperately, and to please not drink any more water.

Appendages follow.  Any bumps or bruises?  Any skinned shins or elbows?  Any jammed fingers or stubbed toes?  No nothing! Again, a lucky morning.  Today all that hurts are my feet, too much time spent walking, standing.

All I need now is a large burrito and my hangover should be history.  Maybe not the best way to start 2008, but it could have been so much worse.

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