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Sick days with a one year old are a strange combination of frustration and ease.  However, you can only get to the “ease” part of the day if you’re willing to either ignore or let go of the frustration.
I don’t know how all sick babies operate, but my Baby C has a specific set of behaviors.  First and foremost, C is incredibly clingy.  He wants his mommy and no one else will do, not even daddy or his favorite person in the world (our house keeper Anna).  Although this can be difficult if I need to do anything, like laundry or grocery shopping, it doesn’t reach frustration level until C starts throwing a tantrum every time I put him down to do mundane necessary things like get dressed or use the bathroom.  And for whatever reason, C’s tantrum usually hits its apex (with tears streaming down his face, clinging to my legs, wailing) when I am either pants-less or have the even more awkward one leg in my pants.

To use the bathroom I’ve taken to letting C have things he usually isn’t supposed to play with: mom’s iPhone, the lotion under the sink, even unrolling the toilet paper (if I’m desperate).  Our favorite app is animal flashcards that flip from cartoon renderings to various pictures of the actual animals accompanied by each animal’s sound.  It entertains C to no end.  Best $0.99 ever!!  If that doesn’t work, he’ll start pulling out all the lotions from the cabinet under the sink.  He’s particularly keen on my anti-cellulite lotion, which he carries around then offers to me at random intervals throughout the day.  I’m trying very hard not take it personally.

So where does the easy part come in?  Well let me tell you.  The second characteristic of my sick baby is his fatigue.  So if you can just let go off all the chores you have to do or all the things you wanted to do, all the expectations you have for the day, it can actually be a pretty easy day.

C is happy to lay around reading books in my comfy armchair.  Or watching the same five songs on the Sesame Street website.  And of course we know he’s always happy to watch Kung Fu Panda.  So if you can get over your to do list, you can have an easy day relaxing doing the things your baby enjoys.

Yes, it may not be the most exciting or productive day on record, but you have the potential to turn an otherwise wretched day into a relaxing one.  If you don’t want to watch the same cussing Elmo songs 20 times, do what I do, pull up an extra window on the screen and write on your blog or check your email or shop for videos to replace those cussing songs.  If you can’t possibly stand watching Kung Fu Panda one more time, read your book or check Facebook from your phone.  The baby does not need you to be as equally engrossed in the movie as he is.

If you’re sick too (like I am), for goodness sake, take some medicine, eat some chocolate, have a cup of tea, do whatever you need to do to get comfy and relax with your little one.  And try not to freak out.  It won’t do any good.  Moms need a sick day sometimes too.

And thank God that some guys in Sweden (I think that’s right?) invented the internet all those years ago.  What would we do without them?


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Bad Day

I’m exhausted today due to my mystery illness acting up. I’ve been in pain for almost 24 hours now. I take Vicadin to help with the pain, but I think my body is becoming used to the medication, because it doesn’t seem to work as well as it did before. It still makes me very tired, a little loopy, and nauseous.

I’m still waiting for test results to come back in, hopefully I’ll hear tomorrow. I’m growing more and more sure that there is something wrong with my “girl parts,” as my cousin said.

So for today, I’m going to snuggle with my dogs, watch reruns of Law and Order, and pray that someone figures out what’s wrong with me.

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