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Of late, both C and I have had our share of bad moods.  Our sleepless nights and frustrating days often make for an awkward Mommy-Baby relationship.  I am typically his worst enemy (being the one who wields the nose suctioning torture device and evil wash- cloth) and his greatest ally (being the one who holds him all night and feeds him delicious cheese).

Our torture sessions typically go something like this: I wrap one arm around C, pinning his arms to his side, and lean back into the bed to keep his head still.  As he screams bloody murder, I use my other arm to guide the suction into his little nose.  More screaming.  I switch to the other side of his nose.  More screaming.  Finally I release him.  For approximately 20 seconds C sits still and just cries, eyes clenched shut in anger.  Then, suddenly, he looks around for me.  He reaches out his little arms for me.  I pull him into my lap, kissing his head.  For the next minute or so, C alternately pushes me away and pulls me to him, gripping my shirt/skin/hair in his little hands, so intense is his misery.  As he calms down, he usually decides he wants to get away from me as fast as possible, motioning to be put down.  I oblige.  C then scoots away from me, happily breathing through both nostrils.  Within minutes it’s as if the whole episode never happened.

Or so it would seem.

However, my son appears to be more mischievous than I previously suspected.

Often after these torture sessions, whether with the suction bulb, wash-cloth, or comb, C leans into my shoulder, mouth open, slobbering on to me.  Sometimes that’s all it is.  Other times, the little minx gives me a little nip!  C knows now exactly how much pressure to exert so that he doesn’t actually hurt me, but still enough to elicit an “OW!!” from me.  And every time that startled “OW!!” slips past my lips, my precious son gives me a scrunchy face, mischievous little grin, a little reminder that my son is growing up.


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As part of my new attitude towards life I’m going to make some resolutions, despite the fact that New Years is still over a week away. There’s no time like the present eh?

1. I will no longer allow my health to rule/ruin my life.

2. I will try to lighten the feeling of my blog by inserting some silliness into it (and my life).

3. I will not think so much, but just write!

So…here’s currently what I’m thinking: I love Christmas movies! I’ll happily watch them all year ’round (I know sacrilege to some of you Christmas purists). In fact, Love Actually is one of my favorite movies, period. And recently I was reading an column (or blog-I don’t remember) in which the writer included Love Actually on a list of Christmas movies that should only be watched during the Christmas season. Though I do acknowledge that it is set at Christmas time, I don’t think that is the main point of the movie. I don’t actually think that it has anything to do with the message. Christmas functions solely as a way to move the plot forward and allow characters to speak more freely, for as they said in the movie, if you can’t say it at Christmas, when can you, eh?

Therefore, I don’t believe that wonderful movies like this should be limited to viewing just during one month a year. Most Christmas movies are so full of joy and positive messages that they should be shown every month. Think if people watched It’s a Wonderful Life or White Christmas in the hot summer months. Maybe it would get people to stop acting so crazy! Maybe, just maybe, it would give them a little of the Christmas season perspective and bring a little warmth to their hearts. So, if there was a vote, I’d vote that no movie be limited to just once a year. I’d vote instead to watch White Christmas in July.

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