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I would like to apologize to you, my faithful reader 😉 for not posting as often. My life seems to be strangely complicated and full for someone without a full time job. But here is the update on what’s going on with me. I promise to write a full blog on each of these topics sometime in the near future.

1. My backyard is nearly completion, with the concrete set to be poured this week. So many more decisions have been required of me and I’ve become friendly with a few of the workers (who are sweet enough to ask about my health every few days).

2. I’m tutoring 20+ hours a week, which actually requires some preparation. I have a different student for every hour and every student has a different set of problems or needs. Even my students who are coming in for the same class (AP European History) each have different requests of me each session! Argh!

3. As you all know my health has been awful the last few months and it continues to be so. I find myself making adjustments to my lifestyle in anticipation of the pain I know I will have. The vicadin is losing its effectiveness and I’m having to endure the pain all on my own more and more frequently. The doctor also diagnosed me with gastritis, meaning my stomach lining is inflamed, but it turns out it’s not an infection, it’s just been caused by stress and irritation due to the painkillers. So I’m damned if I do, damned if I don’t.

Also, I’ll be going to the ObGyn sometime soon since it turns out I have not one ovarian cyst, but three. If you ever had a cyst you know the pain it can cause, now triple that. But more on that later.

4. Lastly, it’s Christmas. And with me not working for the last few months and only working part time now, money is tight. I want to shower my friends and family with gifts, but I have not the means to do it. As a result I am using every resource available to me, even gift cards I’d saved from the wedding and my birthday, to buy presents for people. It does make me feel better to buy someone the perfect gift, so I am happy to do it. It sooths my pain, both physical and mental.

Tomorrow I will report on what the doctor told me today and what that means for the future. Until, then I ask humbly that you remember me in your prayers.


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Hello friends! I know this may seem odd but I hope you will celebrate with me the fact that I have an ovarian cyst! It is the good news I have been waiting months and months for. It is a diagnosis that finally addresses all of my symptoms. And lastly, it is a diagnosis with a cure!!!

I’ll still be doing some other tests to rule out any other sources, but it seems like this is THE diagnosis. Next week will be my endoscopy and after that I’ll be meeting with doctors to discuss treatments for my cyst. I assume I’ll be having a procedure, but the good news is that it’s a very small procedure usually. They’ll know more once they complete the series of upcoming tests. All in all though it seems to be a very hopeful situation.

In other good news I have taken a job! I am now a private tutor for high achieving students. It is a dream come true to work with students who actually care about the outcome of their grades and their futures. It’s still just part time, but I am glad of that. Since I am interested in pursuing a writing career it seems fitting to me that I have time to write. The only downside is that I have mornings off and I work afternoons and evenings, which is my more creative time. I suppose I’ll just have to be diligent in my efforts and force myself to work in the mornings.

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