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Sometimes mommies have rough days. Sometimes they are just tired, worn down, and grumpy for no good reason.

And you know what?

That’s ok. We’re allowed.


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Aside from having a craptastic couple of weeks, my blog hasn’t been working correctly. I don’t know if it’s WordPress, my internet connection or what, but I can’t type up a full blog post, only these quickies.

I’m going to take it as a sign from the universe that I need a few more days before I write a long post, so maybe I don’t sound like a raving lunatic or a complete B (either of which have been perfectly possible these last couple of weeks). Ok, universe. Message received. I’ll avoid scaring my friends and family for a few more days. Thanks for looking out!

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Finally feeling better, but still worn out. Hand Foot Mouth disease basically sucks. And as much as I love my son, I now view him as a tiny disease incubator.

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I may have gotten a little over-excited today, or maybe I was just suffering hunger pains from my diet, either way, I ordered a bread-maker.

In my defense, it was on sale and it’s a Cuisinart..and it was a ridiculously good deal….and I love bread….mmmm….bread.

Visions of fresh, steaming bread danced before my eyes as I hit the purchase button. The heady aromas of carrot or zucchini bread seemed to waft directly off the computer screen. What a wonderful mother I would be serving my child bread I baked with my own two hands (and the help of a fancy electrical appliance)! How great would that be?!?!? The answer: so great!

Ahhhh…I can already taste it…

Now that it’s late at night and I’m feeling rather bloated from my chicken and pasta dinner, I’m wondering WHAT IN THE WORLD POSSESSED ME TO BUY A BREAD MAKER?

When did I think I would have time to make bread? And when will I be eating said bread, since I’m allegedly on a low carb diet? Where in the world am I going to store this darn monstrosity?

I am already overloaded with unused or under-used appliances. My beautiful, cherry-apple red counter top mixer is currently collecting dust as it pitifully lays on its side in the back of a cupboard.

so beautiful, so lonely

And, I believe at this point that my sleek, oh-so-fancy immersion mixer has been used…once.

And so I bought a bread-maker to really round out my kitchen. I think we can safely say that now my kitchen is complete.

ooooohhhhhh….the Belgian waffle maker is also on sale? I totally need that!

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One is now fully dialated, while the other remains normal. I’m so disoriented that this will be my only post for the day. My tales and trials will have to wait for another day.

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It’s been a crazy couple days, all beginning with an allergy attack, then a huge fight with my husband, house hunting, a book fair and an eye infection, though not in that precise order. I promise to write all about it and make up for several days absence. But I need to wait until after my doctor’s appointment today because reading for any prolonged period of time is quite painful (and my worst nightmare, you can imagine). So I’ll catch you all up later, hopefully without an eye patch.

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Tasty Experiments

So far today Baby C has attempted to eat dog food, flower petals, and paper. Yum!

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